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Empower brands to create advertising actions that transcend the conventional

Let’s groove! Are you a retailer?
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Retail Media Network

It is our network where brands will impact shoppers with relevant adsnear the digital point of sale.

Exclusive, Responsive, and Dynamic Creatives

From sponsored products to video, native advertising, or immersive experiences: our Enhanced Shopper Experience maintains coherence with the corporate image of retailers and organically highlights the brand in a 100% safe environment.

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Actionable first-party data

We access data segments for each retailer using every accessible scenario: product feeds, integration with DMPs combined with sections, keywords, behavior patterns, ticket volume, and even landing pages of competing products.

Insights & customized reports

We uncover what is truly working and find patterns that meet the objectives. The information is significant: from the snapshot of performance by SKU to the in-depth dynamics of each impacted shopper.

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Gamification: immersive experiences

As ads become more interactive and personalized, shoppers engage more deeply with the experience: from creatives specifically designed for each campaign and retailer to gamified ads.

Foot traffic monetization


Our Digital Shelving module allows for the total unification of physical (brick-and-mortar) and digital spaces with the ability to analyze every touchpoint of an integrated customer-journey.

At Groovinads, we envision a future where every advertising interaction is an opportunity to surprise, delight, and connect in a meaningful way.

Self-service application + Accountability

Retail Media for Brands

Our web application is designed for brands and agencies to manage their campaigns in a self-service manner, simply and with the best time-to-market.

Intuitive and agile user experience

Extremely easy to use, it allows managing campaigns in just a few clicks, without the need for an extensive learning curve.

Multi-platform access

Operability and Single Sign-On (SSO) access to multiple accounts from any device, whether a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Dynamic Budget Allocation

This feature allows for dynamic budget allocation among multiple retailers, thus effectively distributing spending according to the real value of each medium for the campaign.

Attributed Evidence-Endorsed Return

We provide transparent accountability for results, offering confidence and integrity through evidence-based proofs that demonstrate the return on advertising investment.

We build an ecosystem where brands can thrive and expand, leveraging technology and data to create advertising campaigns that not only sell products but also build lasting relationships with consumers.