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Groovinads Retail Media

Exclusive Single-Code Integration

A unique code snippet per page implements all functionality instantly. Our solution operates with the best time-to-market, minimizing workload and eliminating the need for specialized resources.

Unlimited, Responsive, and Dynamic Creatives

From standard IAB display banners to video, sponsor products, native advertising, or immersive experiences: the Enhanced Shopper Experience module maintains consistency with the retailer's corporate image and organically highlights the brand.

First-party data modeling

We commercialize customized models for each retailer using every accessible actionable: product feed, integration with DMPs combined with sections, keywords, behavior patterns, ticket volume, etc.

Profit-driven design

Advertisers operate through our real-time bidding and can create multiple campaigns with different offers and budgets.

Thanks to integration with the product catalog, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) automatically publishes the SKUs closest to conversion for each shopper.

Thus, the platform evaluates the effective value of each impression (eCPM) to always prioritize ads that generate the most lucrative opportunities.

Foot traffic monetization


Our Digital Shelving module allows for the total unification of physical (brick-and-mortar) and digital spaces with the ability to register every touchpoint of a customer-journey.

Groovinads Retail Media goes beyond ad creation, positioning itself as a comprehensive strategic ally for business growth.

Brands & Suppliers

Self-Service Application + Insights

We provide immediate and constant acquisition of new revenue streams thanks to frictionless onboarding for brands and a self-service application designed for "lightning-fast" campaign creation. Thus, advertisers maximize their time and resources. This simplicity translates into scalability, where even the smallest brands can expand and compete.

Scalability is strengthened by advanced analytics and machine learning that optimize performance. Campaigns are not only launched immediately but are also continuously improved, based on precise data and relevant insights.

Demand Side Platform

Groovinads Retail Media is part of our solutions ecosystem. Retailers can extend their campaigns directly to Enhanced Programmatic or incorporate our Demand Side Platform (DSP) as an additional demand source.

This synergy ensures they can fully monetize their spaces and first-party data, turning each touchpoint with the user into a revenue opportunity.

Coordinated actions with Enhanced Programmatic allow us to:

Marketing funnel

Groovinads Retail Media becomes a catalyzing force for our partners' businesses, driving not only a direct and measurable return on investment but also long-term value through brand loyalty and satisfaction.