DSP - Demand side platform

The right audience for every type of ad

Connect with the ideal audience for your ads using the most effective media for your campaigns.

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Automate your display campaigns with Groovinads DSP (Demand Side Platform). Increase efficiency! We have developed a sophisticated intelligent programmatic buying platform that significantly improves on current models. This enables customers to purchase advertising space intelligently. It automatically determines the most effective space in which to display ads.

The artificial intelligence of Groovinads DSP factors in traditional segments, but adds parameters that account for the user's interactions, such as the date, time and duration of their last visit to the page, and how many times they have viewed the ad (frequency capping).

It can identify the most valuable users within a single segment and automatically adjusts the investment according to their potential value on a case-by-case basis. This boosts campaign results by evaluating the actual value of each user in order to maximize Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Intelligence is what sets us apart

We use it to increase the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns.