DCO - Dynamic Creative Optimization

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Service benefits

Groovinads DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization)

Our platform improves your investment returns by automating banner production and reaching users via personalized messages to increase the number of clicks and conversions. For each impression, the ad will show the right content for each type of audience, maximizing the chance of generating a click and a conversion.

Our platform is flexible enough to enhance the results of advertising campaigns for a wide variety of industries. Our decision engine automatically optimizes campaign results, whoever the audience.

It is simple: with our DCO technology as part of your marketing strategy, you will exponentially improve the results of your campaigns.

What makes us special?

Prospecting & retargeting

Groovinads has the intelligence required to identify information about each user and to apply it to prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

Our technology applies segmentation methods based on the audience (such as geolocation and contextual segmentation, and look-alike modeling) or based on their interest in products (cross-selling, up-selling, and top-selling) to feed our decision engine and achieve precise results. Our service is partly based on this data, which helps us achieve more conversions for advertisers.


ROAS increase Conversions

Selected examples of segmentation methods

Our decision engine uses these to optimize results and improve performance.




Abandoned cart

Similar audiences

Large volume of stock

Data integration


Conversion rate optimization

Day time

Contextual segmentation

Best sellers

Product ads

The ads are clear and appealing. A number of products are shown to each user in each impression.

The decision engine customizes the best combination of products for each impression, so the chances of success are even greater. This results in more effective campaigns that boost both clicks and conversions.

Creative ads

These ads are delivered differently depending on the audience, thanks to our personalized decision engine. Design elements and text variables are combined to attract each user individually. This focused marketing process deliberately aims to attract new users, resulting in more successful campaigns.

Together with our clients, we define the widest range of elements and variables and include predefined rules regarding business, audience, and communication strategies.

When tags start generating impressions, our decision engine instantly determines which variables to display for each impression. The system makes these choices based on performance metrics, results, or data specified by the advertiser. Our ads are supported by all ad servers and run seamlessly on desktop or mobile devices. Our cross-platform service is also scalable.

Best of all?

It operates independently and is available 24/7/365

Our decision engine does not require monitoring, does not take vacations, and works as a reliable and committed member of the advertising team. It is an expert analyst and superior performer in the world of online advertising.

The longer it works with your company and your goals, the more it learns about your site and the more it focuses its full capacity on generating the clicks that increase your sales.