Video Ads with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Get more impact on your audience by integrating video ads into your campaigns

It's very simple! Our platform allows you to create video ads, from a dynamic banner, with the power of AI.+

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Desktop computer with a car ad on Youtube Laptop width a car ad on Facebook Cell phone with a watch ad on Facebook Tablet with a sneakers ad on YouTube

Our technology enables you to generate thousands of real-time video variations for our DSP and DCO services.

DSP Video Ads

Three different ways of implementing Video Ads. Groovinads takes care of Media buying.

Laptop width a car ad on YouTube Cell phone with a watch ad on YouTube


Video Ads run on supported media channels.

Dynamic 1-on-1 retargeting: reach users, who have already seen a certain product, with the video of that same product or a related offer from a broad catalog of stock, without any limits.

Sales model is CPMviews (cost per 1000 views). A user who watches at least 50% of the duration of the video is considered a view.


The implementation takes place on the YouTube app and YouTube web platforms.

All video ads variations are automatically generated by our platform, and kept up to date, for the duration of the campaign.

Automatic retargeting by audience groups or products category, depending on the goal of the campaign (e.g. display a video related to different offers on the advertiser's site).

Generate and update hundreds of audience segments and thousands of video variations, manage budgets and optimize campaigns automatically.

Sales model is CPM.

Social Media

Video ads are implemented on social media platforms (Facebook Ads, Instagram) in a similar fashion to the implementation on YouTube.

Our technology generates and keeps an up-to-date stock of all video variations during the campaign duration.

The audience generation model is highly efficient, ensuring very competitive results.

Sales model can be CPM or CPC, with variable costs depending on the campaign goals.

DCO Video Ads

Two ways of implementing Video Ads. For clients who do their own Media buying.

Imagen de una laptop con una publicidad de video Imagen de un celular con una publidad de video

Deliverable VAST

Our platform selects the best offer and message for each user.

Dynamic 1-on-1 intelligent retargeting: optimizations are applied regarding the media channel and most of the available segmentation methods of our platform are available.

The sales model is CPM.

Deliverable video formats

(YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

Video ads –up to thousands of variations– are generated automatically and tags are delivered on a spreadsheet for the client's traffic analysis department, to be uploaded manually to the relevant spaces of their choosing.

Sales model is fee per deliverable: to be determined case-by-case depending on the requirements and/or the number of templates to be integrated onto the platform.

Reduce management times and multiply your campaign results!

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