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A performance marketing initiative made up of smart e-commerce modules that allow you to offer quality traffic to your business partners.


  • Reach a larger audience. Include ad layouts tailored to the behaviour of each consumer.
  • Access a huge amount of data that will allow you to analyze your customers’ transactions and interests.
  • Display relevant ads that match the interests of your audience and get a higher number of conversions.
  • Manage your strategy from one place using our exclusive integrated platform.

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Advanced retargeting & prospecting strategies that will deliver a significantly better performance than that of traditional display ads.
Responsive ads and creatives that work in multiple devices and that automatically adjust to the screen of each user to look always perfect.
A model entirely based on CPC (cost per click): it will become payable when the user clicks on the product. Also our system provides protection against accidental clicks and click fraud.
A controlled advertisers ecosystem that ensures the visibility of brands without aggressive bid auctions.
Efficient and affordable: everything is automatically configured — production costs and multiple design instances are not required.
It is one of the most profitable channels thanks to its first data entry.

Groovinads Retail Media delivers the best-performing ad on an ongoing basis thanks to its technology.

Auction engine based on CPC

Each auction decides which ads will show using cost-per-click- bidding. Advertisers can create multiple campaigns with different bids, daily budgets and limits.

eCPM optimization

The platform constantly evaluates the effective price of 1,000 impressions on a campaign (eCPM) to ensure that the ad generating the most profitable opportunity is shown.

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO)

DCO technology delivers personalized offers according to each user persona displaying those that are most likely to generate a conversion.

The power of information

Resources like contextual-targeting or the possibility of exporting your first party data will allow you to earn a higher revenue than if you use the traditional ad display.

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