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Automate your display campaigns with Groovinads DSP (Demand Side Platform). Increase efficiency! We have developed a sophisticated intelligent programmatic buying platform that significantly improves current models. This opened up the possibility for its customers to purchase advertising spaces intelligently. It automatically determines the most efficient spaces in which to display ads.

The artificial intelligence of Groovinads DSP takes the traditional segments into account and adds parameters that depend on the user's interaction, such as when their last visit was, how long they remained on the page, how many times they have seen the ad (frequency capping).

It has the intelligence needed to identify the most valuable users within a single segment, and automatically adjusts the investment according to their value, on a case-by-case basis. This allows you to maximize campaign results by evaluating each user based on their actual value in order to maximize ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

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We use it to increase the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns.


  • It’s focused on the quality of the audience.
  • It automatically optimizes the campaign in order to increase conversions and achieve visit goals.
  • Integrated DCO.
  • Creativities and formats are defined by the client.
  • The ROI of your campaigns is immediately increased.
  • It avoids accidental clicks and high bounce rates in both mobile and desktop campaigns.
  • Differentiated investment between Branding & Performance campaigns.
  • Dashboard: differentiated cost per click management for multiple user segments.
  • Efficient campaigns for Prospecting and Retargeting.

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