You aim. We fire.
GroovinAds provides intelligent dynamic ads for you to broadcast your message to your audience.
Each unique ad displays the content most likely to convert, and pulls the trigger.


Intelligent Product Ads

These are product gallery like ads that use our decision engine to choose the right set of products to show in each impression. Maximizing Clicks and Conversions.

Clever Creative Ads

These are ads that use our decision engine to customize their design objects and texts. Delivering different messages to different targets using the same live ad unit.



Mariano Tordó

“With Groovinads we are able to dynamically build a custom ad for each customer with a simple integration, sharing our catalogue in an XML file. This let us scale productivity in ad building and drives new sales to our business”

Mariano Balcarce
Ebay Classifieds

“We just implemented GroovinAds at eBay Classifieds, and we are having substantial savings on leads!”

Fermín Etchegoyhen

“DCO Technology is the keystone of our marketing automation strategy. We found GroovinAds to be the ideal partner to achieve our goals.”


Our Technology

Real-Time, Dynamic Creative Optimization

Segmentation methods were never so exciting! Contextual, Geo-location, Look-alike, and more... Our system uses them to power our intelligent Decision Engine, driving it toward the perfect ad impression.

Banner Creation

Our display ad builder lets you design banners through a template. You don’t need any coding or design training with our system. You can create professional looking ads in just minutes!

Data Integration

Data isn’t any help if you can’t analyze and access it easily. Our system is built on data integration. All of your ads generated with GroovinAds source your product data in real time and seamlessly integrate with tracking systems, and then monitor feedback on conversion and performance data.

Dynamic Ads

Our template system is the easiest way to create a vast number of potential ad designs. Stop spinning your wheels designing several varied versions of the same ad to diversify your campaign. You put the information in, and our Decision Engine will make modifications on the fly, keeping your whole campaign dynamic and flexible.

GroovinAds runs Everywhere

GroovinAds play nice with others. Our ads are compatible in all Third Party Ad Server friendly networks and run seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices. Our service is a cross-platform, scalable solution.


We’re proud of our big results and we’d like you to share in the benefit. Working with us can boost your clicks and multiply conversions to truly maximize your ROI. This is what you need to reach you goals, blow past them and keep growing. Our system can boost your performance and help you save time. That makes the results feel even sweeter.




Provides product feed
The Advertiser provides a product feed with the offers that will be displayed in the ads.


Display ad builder and HTML5 tag creation
GroovinAds provides a display ad builder that features product ad templates that can be customized by the advertiser.


Displays the cross-device dynamic ads
The ads are displayed and our decision engine chooses the right offers to show in each impression using advanced segmentation methods.


Users get personalized advertising
These ads generate higher response rates and produce a boost in sales in the advertiser’s site.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

GroovinAds is intelligent enough to glean plenty of information from each user for prospecting campaigns and re-targeting campaigns. Our technology uses audience segmentation methods such as Contextual, Geo-location, and look-alike or product interest segmentation like cross-selling, up-selling or top-selling to achieve concrete results. This data is part of the foundation our service and helps us reach our goal of earning advertisers more conversions.




Just because re-targeting is relatively easy doesn’t mean it holds no room for growth. We have added rich algorithms that use extra pixels to follow micro activities to increase results. Prospecting is more challenging and we have risen to the challenge. We lead advertisers toward greater market share with cost effective campaigns, and we’re proud to say we are called the performance display solution!

Optimization Results

We can even quantify your potential for success with our system. Our clients have been able to boost their results just by adding our service to the mix even in previously optimized campaigns. Not to mention the time you’ll save working with our design templates versus creating a huge number of ads or banners all on your own - it’s a sizable amount of time to add back into your day.

GroovinAds is flexible enough to optimize results of ad campaigns across a variety of industries. Our proven Decision Engine excels at its job no matter what your demographic is and what field the campaign relates to.

Retail, Classifieds and E-commerce

We match your products and services to your customers’ intent using contextual targeting, historic performance, re-targeting, geo-targeting and conversion analysis.

Real Estate

We match houses and apartments, for sale or for rent, with your customers’ interests by location, context, and look-alike audience filters.


We match the right offer to the right buyer using dynamic segmentation based on price ranges, brands, models and more.


We match flights, hotels, car rentals and packages with your customers’ needs using location based targeting, context and interests.


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